About Disc Farm

Who we are.


Disc Farm is a family owned and operated business, based out of Ontario, Canada. To us this company is about more than just selling products. It is about spreading the love of disc golf, and getting discs in the hands of people all over the world. We are passionate about the game, and the amazing community that has grown from it. We hope to use this business as a catalyst to introduce disc golf to the youth on a wider scale, and make the game more accessible in smaller communities.


Nate Lavigne : Co-founder/head of fulfillment.

Most of the time Nate is busy packing and shipping your orders. When he isn’t working on fulfillment Nate is usually at a local disc golf course. He is passionate about family and getting the younger generation involved in the game of disc golf; encouraging families to get out and play together.

Contact: nate@discfarm.ca



Heather Lavigne: Co-founder/head of marketing.

The person behind the social media accounts. Heather is kept busy with marketing, and ordering new product. Heather is passionate about community. Her mission is to help grow the disc golf community and is actively partnering with companies to try to bring more disc golf courses to smaller communities through out the province.

Contact: heather@discfarm.ca