The "Par" Subscription Box

The "Par" Subscription Box

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THE PAR BOX - $24.99
The is the basic box, every month you are guaranteed to receive:


If  the disc retail is less than the cost of the box itself you will receive an extra disc, or swag in your box. We aim to throw in extras every month - if there is a very high value disc however you may not receive extras that order.

NOTE: All Subscription boxes will be sent out the first week of the month 
Please fill out in the checkout form order notes your skill level, disc weight preference, and apparel size.

The DISC FARM Subscription Box

The Disc Farm subscription box is here.
When we envisioned our subscription box prior to coming up with our model, we knew one thing for sure. We wanted our boxes to be customized and tailored to fit the needs of every single customer. Before purchase you will fill out a quick customer profile. Each box will then be handpicked, based on that profile. - you will receive discs that are tailored to your skill level, and weight preferences.

YOU choose the duration of your subscription. We don't believe in locking customers into contracts. We know that not everyone can commit to a 3,6 or 12 month subscription. If you would like to order just one box, or a full year the choice is yours to make!

Due to the size of our country, and the varying shipping rates from one location to another we have decided we cannot fairly offer free shipping. We want our boxes to be as affordable as possible, and did not want to have to build that cost into our box. However - If you are subscription box subscriber and want to make additional orders through out the month on the Disc Farm website, there will be an option at checkout to have that item ship with your next subscription box for free.
All of our boxes are guaranteed to be worth at least the retail price of the items received, but in most cases more.